About NaLA

NaLA is a non-profit dedicated to the continuity of the Lifeline program. We strongly believe that everyone in America should have access to essential communications services.

Our Story

The National Lifeline Association is the only industry trade group specifically focused on the Lifeline segment of telecommunications. We support the 4 essential pieces of Lifeline: ETCs & Providers, Distributors, Lifeline SupportersĀ & Participants, and Government & Regulatory Bodies. We are passionate about the continuity and advancement of the Lifeline program and we drive this vision by providing:

  • Education
  • Cooperation
  • Advocacy
Lifeline program

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Our Mission

We support the providers, distributors, participants, and supporters of Lifeline through education, cooperation, and advocacy.

Our Vision

In America, every person should have access to essential communication services.

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