NaLA Board Members

NaLA’s board is comprised of experienced Lifeline professionals, dedicated to the continuity and advancement of the Lifeline program.

Meet the Board

David B. Dorwart

Board Chairman

David is the Founder of NaLA and brings over 20 years of wireless experience to the board. He leads the NaLA team in providing cash-constrained consumers with the best in wireless service at the greatest value.  David brings to NaLA a clear vision, innovative leadership, true passion for Lifeline recipients and years of effectively navigating the regulatory environment. David is also the Chairman of Assist Wireless and ViaOne Services.

William Curry

Board Member

William Curry, President of Life Wireless, works to preserve the Lifeline program through diligent verification of subscribers and by providing extensive representative training. He embodies NaLA’s core values and strives to provide access to essential communication services to those who truly need it.

Steve Klein

Board Member

Steve Klein, President of SafetyNet Wireless and seasoned executive, works diligently  to preserve the Lifeline program. He embodies our vision of education, cooperation, and advocacy through community outreach and improving Lifeline telecommunications at SafetyNet Wireless.

Kristina Valencia

Board Member

Kristina Valencia, Senior Vice President at IMMERGE, is the first board member to represent the member base of distributors, NaLA’s largest group of members. Her goal is to use this opportunity to improve Lifeline by providing distributors with a stronger voice in the industry.

David Avila

Board Member

David Avila has 10 years of Lifeline program experience. He assists the organization in supporting Lifeline recipients, providers, and program advocates. Serving as Associate Vice President at TracFone, David provides leadership at SafeLink Wireless, the largest prepaid wireless Lifeline provider in the U.S.

Kimberly Lehrman

Board Member

Kimberly Lehrman, President & Chief Marketing Officer at enTouch Wireless, is an experienced executive leader who helps organizations build profitable, sustainable operations. She works to improve the Lifeline business model and foster growth for the program in the community.

Nathan Stierwalt

Board Member

Nathan Stierwalt, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for PWG Network Solutions, is the first NaLA board member to represent the carrier supply chain as well as phone suppliers. Nathan represents both member bases and provides helpful insight to the Board on what is needed and expected from this NaLA group.

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