How NaLA Uses Its Funding

  • Legal Support

    Facilitating change at a federal level.

  • Public Relations

    Updating the media and regulators.

  • Networking

    Connecting all stakeholders.

  • Research

    Analytics, statistics, and critical information.

Perks For Funders

Receive Exclusive
Funder Communications

Prefered Vendor Listings

Discounted Tickets To The
NaLA Annual Conference

Funding Tiers

Current Funding Mechanism

Current FES members should fill out the form below to have their monthly invoice generated and sent to them. To open the form in a new tab click here.

For questions regarding invoicing and payments contact the NaLA accounting team at [email protected].
For any general questions or concerns, you can reach the NaLA team at [email protected].
The Equipment Supplier Committee Chair can be reached at [email protected].
The NaLA Board Chairman can be reached at [email protected].

Sullivan DemarestFunding Equipment Supplier (FES)