Benefits of Becoming a “NaLA Certified” Lifeline Agent

Verify Your Lifeline Compliance

Completion of NaLA’s certification course acts as verification of compliance in the highly regulated Lifeline industry, minimizing the risk for potential ETC partners.

Nationally Recognized Credentials

Our Lifeline Agent Training is the only program offering nationally recognized credentials to benefits your Lifeline career.

Become a Member of the Community

Connect to the only Lifeline community of highly qualified Lifeline agents that ETCs utilize when expanding their field teams.

Discounted Conference Tickets

“NaLA Certified” agents are invited to our Annual Conference at a discounted agent rate.

Get Important Updates

Be the first to know when the FCC makes changes to the Lifeline Program and when there are opportunities to participate in advocacy initiatives.

Informational Resources

Access Lifeline informational resources such as quarterly updates, educational program material, and more!

Ready To Boost Your Lifeline Career?

Understanding Who Needs Lifeline Agent Certification

Who should get NaLA Certified?

All independent agents working in Lifeline should get NaLA Certified! If you plan to partner with or already partner with a Lifeline ETC, you will benefit from NaLA Lifeline Agent Certification. Completion of the course:

  • Verifies your knowledge of Lifeline Compliance
  • Increases ETC partnership opportunities
  • Stay up to date on changes and initiatives within the Lifeline Program
  • Access Lifeline informational resources and Agent Training Program quarterly updates
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How NaLA Agent Certification Works

Register for Lifeline certificate

Register for the Program

Register for the Lifeline Agent Training Course to receive an email with your training credentials.

Lifeline Training

Complete the Training Course

You will have 14 days to complete the course and the 15-question NaLA Lifeline Agent Certification exam.

 NaLA Certified credentials

Earn Your Certificate

Once you have completed the course and passed the exam, you’ll officially be a “NaLA Certified” Lifeline Agent!

NaLA Certified Lifeline agent

Enjoy the Benefits

Enjoy your nationally recognized certification, free NaLA membership, conference discounts and more!

Choose a Lifeline Agent Certification Plan

  • Monthly Plan

  • Select this product for a monthly subscription to the NaLA Lifeline Agent Training Program.

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  • 6 Months Plan

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  • Annual Plan

  • Select this product for an Annual subscription to the NaLA Lifeline Agent Training Program.

    Billed $50, Renewed Annually
    Save $10/year with an Annual Plan

  • $50/year*
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