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Why is NaLA & Training Important?

Did You Know?

Recent proposals of the FCC threaten to change the Lifeline program. They want to take Lifeline access away from nearly 7 million people. This would deeply affect the customers we serve — and the future of the program.

  • What is NaLA?

    NaLA is a non-profit, cooperative, educative organization that advocates for the Lifeline program, its participants as well as ETCs, distributors, agents and other Lifeline supporters.

  • What is NaLA's Goal?

    To continue the advancement of the Lifeline program for the individuals who need it most. NaLA members strongly believe that everyone in America should have access to essential communications services.

  • Why Is NaLA Lifeline Agent Training Important?

    The Lifeline Agent Training program is a validating tool for the FCC to recognize the importance of the Lifeline program for recipients, agents, ETCs, and advocates. The training program serves as a nationally recognized verification of compliance that benefits Lifeline agents by minimizing the risk of potential ETC partners. By participating in the program you are not only demonstrating your compliance, but also standing as a unified entity in support of preserving the future of Lifeline.

  • How Will Contributions Be Used?

    As a non-profit organization, NaLA asks for contributions to help cover the cost of advocating for Lifeline to government and other influential groups. NaLA is fighting for the rights of those such as the very poor, veterans, and individuals on SSI/SSDI. If the NaLA team doesn’t fight for their Lifeline rights and the rights of the telecommunications groups that serve them, who will?

  • Thankful that there is finally a way to set myself a part from other agents. The course was quick and full of useful information that will help me in the field.

    John R. Assist Wireless
  • The training course is a great way to show ETCs that I am serious about being a Lifeline agent. I planned to go to the conference in New Orleans as well, so it is pretty much paying for itself!

    Mike C. SafetyNet Wireless
  • Because I can’t afford normal service, being in the Lifeline program allows me to talk to my doctor and my child’s doctor.

    Sarah V. Lifeline
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