NaLA Certified Agent Training FAQs

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NaLA Agent Certification Program Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the NaLA Agent Certification Program?

The NaLA Agent Certification Program is designed for individual agents who currently sell Lifeline service and/or distribute phones for an ETC participating in the NaLA Agent Certification Program. The program allows agents to receive training on the federal and certain states’ Lifeline programs, and upon successful completion of the course and knowledge test, the agent will be NaLA Certified. An agent must complete the training and knowledge tests every 90 days to maintain NaLA Certification.

2. When did the NaLA Agent Certification Program (ACP) launch?

The NaLA Agent Certification Program launched on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

3. Where do I go to register for NaLA Agent Certification Program (ACP) Training?

Agents can visit to register for training.

4. Can I register now and take the course later?

Yes, but the course registration will expire 14 days later if not completed. In that event, the agent will need to re-register for the course.

5. What does the training course cover?

The NaLA Agent Certification Program (ACP) provides a fundamental overview of the Lifeline program, including federal regulations and eligibility rules and requirements.

6. Is state-specific training available?

Yes. We currently have state-specific training in place for agents in California and Oklahoma that will be automatically assigned based on the profile and contact information provided upon registration. We’re also working to produce state-specific content for additional states, which will be published at a later date.

7. How long does the course take to complete?

We understand the importance of having agents focused on sales in the field. For that reason, we’ve designed the program so that it only takes about 20 minutes to complete the course and 10-question exam.

8. How often does the training course have to be completed?

The training course is set up so that agent recertification is completed every 90 days.

9. How will the agent know when it’s time to recertify?

Upon completion of the initial training course, the Learning Management System will track the recertification dates for each agent automatically. The agent will receive reminders via email at 14 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day leading up to the recertification date.

Not sure how to recertify? Click here for step-by-step directions.

10. Will the agent receive a certificate?

Yes. Once the agent has completed the training course and passed the exam, the Learning Management System will automatically generate a customized certificate of completion that the agent can download or print.

11. How much does the NaLA Agent Certification (ACP) cost?

The agent has two options regarding the cost of training:

  • $18 per quarter (+tax) – paid upon entry to the course every 90 days
  • $50 per year (+tax) – paid upon initial registration, and yearly thereafter

Please Note: Regardless of which option is chosen, the course remains on a 90-day recertification cycle.

12. What forms of payment are accepted?

Most major credit cards are accepted, including:

  • Diner’s Club
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa

13. Can auto-draft be set up for payment?

Yes. During registration, in the payment portal, an agent can set up an auto-draft option from a credit card for future transactions.

14. What happens if the auto-draft fails?

Should an auto-draft fail, the system will prevent the agent from completing the recertification course until the agent provides a new form of payment.

15. Can Master Agents pay on behalf of their agents?

Yes. An ETC or Master Agent can pre-pay for agents in bulk using the following process.

  1. The ETC or Master Agent can fill out the request form at
  2. Once payment has been provided, the training administrator will generate a coupon code.
  3. The Master Agent distributes the coupon codes to the sub-agents to use when registering for an account through the NaLA website.

You can view a step-by-step guide on NaLA ACP bulk purchasing here.

Coupon Terms & Conditions:

  • Coupon codes are tied to the number of agents/users that were paid for and are good for a single use only. Masters should keep track of the coupons they hand out.
  • Once it has reached its capacity, the coupon code will automatically expire.
  • Master Agents are paying for individuals, not a number of seats. Each individual agent must have his/her own paid account. Generic accounts will not be allowed.
  • Any coupons purchased during the initial 2-week Early Bird pricing period will only be valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. Subsequent quarterly or annual charges will be at full price
  • Coupons purchased at full price rates will not expire
  • Refunds will not be issued on coupon purchases.

16. What happens if an agent fails to recertify?

If an agent does not complete recertification by the 90-day due date, he/she will be granted a 14-day grace period. If within that 14 days the agent does not recertify, his/her NaLA account will be deactivated. Email reminders will be sent to the agent within the grace period, alerting him/her of pending deactivation if he/she fails to recertify.

17. Can an inactive account be reactivated?

Yes. In order to reactivate an account that has been deactivated, the Master Agent or ETC can contact [email protected], and the administrator can review and facilitate the request.

18. How many times can an agent re-take the course?

The agent can re-take the course and exam as many times as needed in order to pass. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts allowed.

19. How will Master Agents know if their agent has completed and passed the course?

At the point of registration, the agent can list his/her supervisor’s name and email address. When the agent has completed and passed the course, the supervisor will also receive an email notification.

20. How can ETCs keep up with the status of their agents?

The program administrator will send frequent status reports to the ETC designated contacts, who can then disseminate the information as needed throughout their organization.

21. Who do I contact for troubleshooting, questions or feedback regarding the NaLA Agent Certification Program (ACP)?

For any troubleshooting issues or inquiries, please contact [email protected]. The administrator will review and respond as quickly as possible during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8 AM ET to 5 PM ET.

22. What happens if an agent doesn’t receive his/her login credentials after registration?

In some cases, login credentials may be sent to the email SPAM folder. If an agent doesn’t receive login credentials in a timely manner, please instruct him/her to check the junk mail folder, and then contact [email protected] for further assistance, if needed.

23. How does an agent update his/her contact and profile information?

Each agent has the ability to update his/her own profile information by logging on to

24. Can an agent have multiple accounts?

No. Each individual agent can only have one account each, regardless of the number of ETCs he/she is associated with. Our system has processes in place to identify duplicate attempts based on profile information provided by the agent.

25. How do I recertify?

You can follow this step-by-step-tutorial on how to recertify your NaLA Lifeline Training, or click here to get started.

26. Is the NaLA Agent Certification Program Training (ACP) offered in any other languages?

Yes, the NaLA ACP is currently offered in Spanish. You can change the language once you are inside the training program in the upper right corner.

27. How, and who, identifies which ETC or ETC’s an Agent works for?

The agent selects which ETC(s) he/she works for when registering for a NaLA Training account. The agent is able to update the ETC selection at any time by logging into the training platform and updating his/her profile.

28. Can an Agent be Registered/Certified without association with an ETC?

Initially, no. The agent must select an ETC when they register for an account. However, if the agent parts ways with the ETC, the training profile can be updated to reflect “Unincorporated” as the ETC until they onboard with another ETC.

Query Tool Questions

29. When does the NaLA Query Tool launch? 

The tool will be available for ETCs as of November 1, 2018.

30. What is the NaLA Query Tool? 

The NaLA Query Tool is a one-stop shop to help ETCs manage their agents’ NaLA Certification status. The tool has 4 main features:

  • Agent Status Search Tool – ETCs can look up an agent’s NaLA status in real-time using their NaLA Certification ID
  • Not Acceptable Practice Submissions – ETCs can submit agents with reportedly suspicious activity or behavior, along with supporting evidence, for a NaLA committee to review
  • Reporting – ETCs can pull company-specific agent data including certification and expiration dates, certification IDs, and demographic information
  • Document Library – Provides ETCs access to important documents, reference guides and links

31. What’s the link to the NaLA Query Tool?

ETCs can access the Query tool here:

32. Who has access to the Query Tool?

Only ETC Owners and designated admins from each ETC have access to the tool at this time.

33. How does an ETC obtain a NaLA Certification ID in order to query them in the portal? 

There are 2 ways to retrieve an agent’s NaLA Certification ID:

  • The agent can provide the ETC with their NaLA Course Completion Certificate, which can be found on the agent’s profile in the training system.
  • A designated ETC Admin can go to the Reporting section of the NaLA Query Tool and run a report of all the agents assigned to their ETC, which includes Certification IDs.

34. How does the ACP system know an ETC’s Agent Population or base in order to calculate the percentage of agents who are Registered/Certified, as indicated by the Dashboard Pie Chart? 

This calculation is based on the number of agents who select an ETC in their NaLA profile. The system then calculates the percentage of those agents that are currently certified.

35. How does an ETC know which NAP category to select when submitting a case? 

NaLA has created a document that explains the NAP categories and example scenarios.

Questions? Contact the NaLA Training Department at [email protected].

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