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National Lifeline Association Announces Nathan Stierwalt’s Reelection to the Board


Nathan StierwaltThe National Lifeline Association (NaLA) is pleased to announce that the voting members of the board have re-elected Nathan Stierwalt, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of PWG Network Solutions, as a member of the board.

Mr. Stierwalt brings to the board critical representation from the carrier supply chain and phone suppliers in the Lifeline industry. His contributions as a former NaLA board member enabled the organization to continue to pursue its vision of ensuring the preservation, continuity, and advancement of the Lifeline program.

David B. Dorwart, Chairman of the NaLA Board said, “With the impact of COVID-19 ravaging the nation, it is critical that we continue to have great leadership in place fighting to maintain access to essential voice, text, and data services for those who need it the most right now.” He went on to say, “Nathan will continue to be a driving force within NaLA, bringing awareness to the struggle low-income consumers face during the pandemic such as their difficulties accessing telemedicine, distance learning, employers, and emergency services.”

Mr. Stierwalt sits on the NaLA Board with the following other members: David B. Dorwart, Board Chairman; Steve Klein, President at SafetyNet Wireless; David Avila, Associate Vice President at SafeLink Wireless; Ali Badran, Chief Executive Officer at MoreAble, LLC and; Issa Asad, Chief Executive Officer at Q Link Wireless; and Jose Cortes, Chief Strategy Officer at Easy Wireless.

About the National Lifeline Association (NaLA):

The National Lifeline Association is the only industry trade group specifically focused on the Lifeline segment of telecommunications. We support the four essential components of Lifeline: ETCs & Providers, Distributors, Lifeline Participants & Supporters, and Government & Regulatory Bodies. We are passionate about the continuity and advancement of the Lifeline program and we drive this vision through our mission to “support providers, distributors, participants, and supporters of Lifeline through education, cooperation, and advocacy.”

The official press release can be reviewed here.

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Chelsea BoylanNational Lifeline Association Announces Nathan Stierwalt’s Reelection to the Board
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