Save the Lifeline Program

How Your Support Helps Lifeline

A strong unified voice and poignant streamlined strategies.

NaLA is the only industry trade group specifically focused on the Lifeline segment of telecommunications. We unify the four essential pieces of Lifeline (ETCs & Providers, Distributors, Lifeline Supporters & Participants, and Government & Regulatory Bodies) to create a unified voice and represent the industry as a whole.

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How Does NaLA Use Its Funding?

NaLA represents more than 26 contributing companies and hundreds of Lifeline agents that directly or indirectly receive Lifeline revenue. As an industry, we need to remain united in this fight. Through monthly contributions, NaLA is able to fund legal and public relations efforts that advocate for the future of the Lifeline program.

  • Legal Support

    NaLA’s Legal Team works diligently to engage government representatives and facilitate change at a federal level to support the longevity and accessibility of the Lifeline program to qualified individuals.

  • Networking

    NaLA actively networks service providers, regulatory officials, government representatives, media, and key constituencies to increase awareness and ensure the continuity of the Lifeline program.

  • Public Relations

    NaLA’s Public Relations Team works hard to inform and update media outlets, Lifeline recipients, program supporters, service providers, and government & regulatory officials.

  • Research

    NaLA’s Research Team provides key data stakeholders with Lifeline analytics, statistics, survey responses, and other critical information gathered from our Lifeline service providers.

Chelsea BoylanHow NaLA Uses Funding